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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Starling Castro

Starling Castro is one of the worst fielders in the history of baseball. He was drafted to the Cubs. He now resides as the Yankees starting shortstop. He will never compare to Derek Jeter. The captain was one of the best fielder to play the game and for the Yankees. Castro will not be able to fill his shoes this year on shortstop. He does not have the mental capability to play the game. Secondly he does not have the leadership to play his position. Lastly he doesn't have the skill to lead the Yankees. This is why Castro will not play to up to par this year.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds was a left fielder for a total of 22 seasons. He was born and raised in America and played most of his days for the Giants. When Barry Bonds started out he was one of the best all round players. Then the steriod era started to come around. People overlooked how good he was all round and started caring more about homeruns. When Barry Bonds saw this coming to be he evened the playing field. Barry Bonds already had a fabulous swing he just put more strength behind his bat. This is when Barry Bonds began fighting his way into the homerun battle. He now resides as a hitting coach for the Miami Marlens. This is why he is one of the best baseball players to live today.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Jackson Feltt

Jackson Feltt is one of the best pitchers in the game. He is 5 8 at 160 pounds of pure pain. He throws a fastball Knuckle ball curve and change up. He has gone 1st team all conference and broke the innings pitched record. He has also achieved a 1.36 era. He plays for the Paris tigers that broke the win record with him on the mound last year. He was born in the Dominican Republic with only having a rock to throw against a tree. Even with this training he can throw in the mid 80's with accuracy. He is also as good as a hitter as he is a pitcher with a .500 batting average.This is why Jackson Feltt is one of the best pitchers in the game.